Sunday, 11 January 2015

Now I bet your all fed up of reading posts rambling about last year but having had a good few days to reflect, I wanted to have a ramble on this little corner of the internet about the past year.
In all honesty 2014 was wonderful but at the same time weird; I visited New York (after years of yearning), I said yes to more things and was pleasently surprised, I saw my favourite artists live, took far more chances and most importantly my friends turned into somewhat of a second family.
As I'm rambling I thought I'd talk about some big things I've learned:
Life Goes On - So you failed a test, didn't get the job or the boy didn't like you back. It may feel like your hearts been tore out for a week or even a month, but as time passes you start to feel better no matter how long it takes. And time moping is time you could be enjoying.
Stop Worrying About What Other People Think - I feel like I'm going to still be learning for a few years to come, but the times last year where I said "f**k it" were some of the best so I'm going to continue to say yes and get outside of my comfort zone.
There's a Difference between being Nice and being a Doormat - God I wish I realised this a long time ago, being kind is important but learning the difference between being a pushover and nice has made me so much happier. 
What did you learn last year?