A New Knit

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

One look in my wardrobe will tell you that knitwear is my thanngg, I could wear a jumper everyday for a month and still have spare. And while I have an abundance of jumpers there's a distinct lack of cardigans to chuck over dresses, jeans and tees.
An open day trip to Chester lead me to the motherland Zara, and when I tried on this Oversize Cable Knit Cardigan it was love.
With only size M available its a "one size fits all" affair which actually fits beautifully.
The alternating super soft weave is a lovely touch while the fit is to die for, open front while being long but not overly long with a slight batwing to the arm.
I've worn it everyday since I've had it, and while it's snuggly - it's starting to bobble already (anyone know how to stop this?) but even that hasn't stopped me from wanting it in every colour.

Fine Tuning the Stash

Monday, 20 October 2014

Every Autumn I get this nostalgic "new year" feeling - hear me out on this one. It's something about returning to routine after a long summer that calls for a change; my wardrobe's been refined, my room's had a mini makeover and after weeks of jamming my makeup draw shut it was time to tackle the hordes.
So here are some tips for having a streamlined stash.
1. Put your summer shades away - Unless your a fake tan expert unlike myself, usually I just except that I'm going to be firmly in the "Ivory" category until next May which saves me space.
2. Do you need five of the same shade? - I have worn an orangey red lip once this year, and how many orangey red's do I have? Six, why do I need six?! So I brutally picked my favourite and the rest have gone to a better place.
3. When was the last time your wore it? - Obviously with the exception of seasonal shades, ask yourself when was the last time you used glitter eyeliner?
4. Does it actually suit you? - The fluorescent lights of Boots can make any lipstick look good, but if dark purple isn't your thing then let go of it.
5. How long have you had it? - Makeup can go off too and if you know its been knocking round for a while it may be time to throw it. As a general rule powders can last anywhere between 1-3 years, foundations 1-2 years, lip products 1-2 year and mascara should be changed every three months to avoid eye infections. 

A Primark Haul

I think its a given that everyone has a slight splurge in Primark every once in a while. And with there A/W stock being so point it would have been rude not too.
Starting off with fashion, I picked up a very autumn appropriate floppy wool hat, which is exactly like the one's in Topshop. Talking of Topshop dupes I picked up these brocade leggings. Along with a reversible blanket scarf which is super snuggly.
For a quick and easy room refresh I decided to go for clean white stripe bedding which goes well with interchangeable pillows my favourite being the stag one.
Have you picked anything up in Primark recently?

An Ode To Ridleys

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

I am most definitely not a jeans kinda girl, purely because I never found the perfect pair until now.
With having rather substantial thighs and bum pairing that with my small waist makes finding a pair of high waisted jeans a nightmare to find.
That was until a little pursuing of the ASOS for ripped jeans landed me with these babies, when they arrived a few days later it was love. High waisted without being too tight, with front pockets (unlike the Topshop Joni's), enough elastane to be a form fitting, warm and the best bit they don't stretch.
Since that beautiful day I've bought some smarter ones and considering I now where jeans most days there may be some black ones on their way. 
It seems the motto is if you like it buy it in every colour.

Thankful Thursday

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Hello you lovely lot, how are you?
This week has been beyond busy so shall we have a chat about things which have made me super happy this week.
JAKE BUGG - It was well worth the six hour wait to see this beautiful beautiful man. We were right at the barrier singing very out of tune and then he smiled at us (I think I actually swooned).
Plans - I've been feeling a little lost about the future for a while, but now I have some idea of what I'm going to do with my life. Meaning that planning for a gap year and uni is full speed ahead.
Re-reading my favourite books - Or comfort reading as I like to call it, I'm currently reading One Day and there hasn't been the onslaught of tears - yet.
What are you grateful for?

Ladylike Laquer's

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

So although it is Autumn, my blog hasn't become its usual seasonal ode to tartan, crispy leaves and more importantly burgundy nails. 
Recently I've been reaching for more demure and chic shades - pale grey blue hues and nude pinks.
Essie "Maximillian Strasse Her" -  This may just be my favourite nail polish ever, it's unlike anything else I've seen, on camera it appears a bog standard grey but in real life it's a sophisticated grey blue which suits any skintone.
Nails Inc "George Street" - The perfect nude for my skin tone, neither too baby pink nor too fleshy perfect for when you don't know what to wear.
Collection Gel Colour "Antique Rose" - Perfect on its own a dusky rose with an awesome wet look finish.
What polishes have you been reaching for? 

Thankful Thursday

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Recently its seems like I've been in  bit of a run of bad luck, pair that with  a new routine for early mornings and a lot of coursework and I'm not the chirpiest. But instead of using this as a place to vent and moan, let's have a chat about the things I'm really thankful for.
Awesome Friends: Seriously my friends are amazing, they're funny and unbelievably supportive. They're like my unofficial family and I seriously don't tell them that enough.
Autumn: My favourite season is here bringing with it golden days, crispy leaves, jumpers and gallons of tea.
Making Plans: For gigs this year, birthdays, halloween and more excitingly travelling on a gap year.
A Blog Refresh: I felt my old blog was looking really tired, but with the help of the lovely Serena I'm so happy with how simple and clean it looks.
What are you thankful for?